1. Jazz Brown @ the silliest Shi Tzu ever #pets #jazzbrown #cute #omg

  2. Yup, that’s Sheru, my parents’ silly dog having a ball if a time hanging out like the weirdo he is. #weirdo #dogs #pets #silly

  3. First day of Hungry Ghost Festival and we happened to have our dinner right in the midst of the ghostly celebration #Penang #hungryghost #georgetown (at House of Journey Hostel & Guesthouse)

  4. Four years ago, I went on a date with this one man I had met online. It was sweet. It was awkward. He gave me this book, one that I had been waiting for a long to be released. He got me the book as a surprise present on our first date. Four years ago. We got married six months later, and until today, we have this tradition of surprising each other with gifts of books. ❤

  5. My article on Malay performing arts and a Sembang d’Sinkeh session is in this issue of Living Arts Malaysia #LAM #performingarts #Malay

  6. Well, hello there #omg #antique #car

  7. I be feeling #flawless #unwind

  8. lustik:

    Self-Portrait - Sylvia Konior.

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  9. jaredbkeller:

    I started at PolicyMic, a news and analysis start-up based in New York, just over a month ago. We’re a small team (less than 30 people, including editorial, business side, and technology/product) and we’re reaching for the stars: we just closed a round of VC funding and we’re going to break our…

  10. super-highschool-level-homestuck:









    I showed this post to my boyfriend and he tried to take his shirt off like a girl and 



    Out of the 82k notes my post got this is by far the best comment holy shit thank u for being u

    So i tried it both ways and uh

    i mean how do you do the first one without pulling out all your hair?

    this made me laugh really hard….

    and it made me realize that girls and boys pull their shirt off differently. /amazed

    but seriously I think girls just do the cross arm thing because of HAIR like demonstrated 

    So one year, one URL change, and a hair cut later, I decide to try again… FOR SCIENCE! 

    Its not science unless you write it down so 

    First method:

    Well done, i guess…


    I fucked up

    Girls… how?



    It’s all in the way that girl/boys shirts are made.

    Girls shirts have less armpit room then boy’s do and are generally shorter so pulling it off over your head is more practical because by lifting your arms all the way up you make enough room for the sleeves to just slip off.

    Boys shirts have more room and are generally longer so it is easy to slip them off over your head.

    but if you take a girls shirt off like a boys shirt you will get your arms caught because there isn’t much armpit space.

    and if you take a boys shirt off like a girls shit you will still have your head in it when you’ve lifted your arms all the way up because of the shirt’s length.

    It has nothing to do with us. It is entirely to do with how our shirts are made. I figured it out for you. YOU’RE WELCOME!

    bless you

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  11. Light my dark night, si bulan #fullmoon #Penang #view (at Mutiara Heights)


  12. "In interviews, Dr. Angelou used the term “prostitute” to refer to her previous employment without rancor or shame. She spoke candidly to her family about it. She told her mother, brother, and son she would redact the information from the book, but only if they were uncomfortable with it. She had no issue whatsoever with speaking her truth. So why do we not know about it, save for hushed whispers and the occasional salacious reference in reports about and interviews of her? What’s so wrong with our beloved and lovely Maya Angelou having been a sex worker and brothel manager?

    Respectability politics no doubt play a role in the erasure of her history as a sex worker. With a wide brush, details on it have been painted over by those who won’t acknowledge such a thing, brushing past it to talk about her awards and accolades. But she had no problem stating plainly: “There are many ways to prostitute one’s self.”

    It comes to this: there is no way, in the minds of most people, to have worked as a prostitute and not be ashamed of it. Most people believe there is no way to have held this job (and it is a job), move onto other things, and not consider it a “seamy life” or “shameful secret.” To most people, there is no way a woman of Maya Angelou’s caliber could ever have performed as a sex worker. The idea just won’t gel for them, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the truth. Maya Angelou: Poet Laureate, Pulitzer nominee, Tony Award winner, best selling author, poetess, winner of more than 50 honorary degrees, mother, sister, daughter, wife, National Medal of Arts winner, Presidential Medal of Freedom winner, consummate and powerful woman, artist, and former sex worker. Yes, the woman you love, the woman we all love, the incomparable Dr. Maya Angelou was a sex worker and she proved, in her life and her stories, that there’s nothing wrong with it."

    peechingtonmariejust in her excellent Tits and Sass post today, “The Erasure of Maya Angelou’s Sex Work History” (via marginalutilite)

    preach it peech!!!

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  13. Missing the fabulous sunset and the wonderful time spent with a good friend #tsg #Penang #tbt #throwback (at Tree Monkey Restaurant)

  14. LEAN IN @ PENANG FORUM encourages women to “Lean In” #pwdc #Penang #leanin #empowerment #gender (at Hard Rock Hotel Penang)

  15. And so the journey begins #pdwc #newjob #penang (at Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak (KOMTAR))