1. Had so much fun being one of the Fridas of Penang Stop Human Trafficking Campaign at the #Aliran dinner #fridakahlo #frida #colours

  2. belt:

    I like to have white or ambient noise playing while I study, so I thought I’d share a list of my favourite websites in case anyone else was interested.

    1. Rainymood - Allows you to play rain, with suggestions of ambient music to play at the same time. Has an iOS and Android app, my personal favourite.
    2. Calm - A visually beautiful website. Provides moving backgrounds and an option for guided calm which allows you to immerse yourself in the music and to relax. Has a free app for iPhone. Another one of my favourites.
    3. Showertime - The experience of taking a shower without the water. Allows you to control features such as length of shower, size of room, water pressure, etc.
    4. Coffitivity - The background noise of a coffee shop. Allows you to choose between different locations such as lunchtime lounge, morning murmur  etc. Has an app for iOS and Android as well as a desktop app for OS X.
    5. Soundrown - A website with a sleek minimalist design, allows you to choose between rain, coffee shop, ocean, fire, bird noises, or a combination of the five.
    6. Relaxing Snow - Visually beautiful falling snow, the website gives you the opinion to play music with the scenery, or to choose your own.
    7. Raining.Fm - This website gives you the ability to adjust the rain to exactly how you’d like it, with options to tweak thunder, rain and storm noises. Has an app for iOS and Android, as well as a timer and snooze option.
    8. Rain For Me - Simple rain effects with the option to download the audio files for offline listening.
    9. Snowy Mood - Inspired by Rainy Mood, this website really makes you feel like it’s winter. Perfect for playing while snuggled up in a warm bed.
    10. Rainy Cafe - Combines the sounds of a bustling cafe setting with the sounds of drizzling rain. Allows you to select the volume of each setting, or turn one off completely.

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  3. unashamedlyfeminist:

    Imagine this: an army of women saunter confidently towards you. Many of them carry placards, with messages such as “history is her story” and “ladies first”. At the front of the troop walks a woman dressed in a plaid suit, who is carrying a megaphone and demanding to know “what do we want?!”. On each side of the long line of women are photographers, determined to get the perfect shot of this display of protestation.

    I can think of no scenario better.

    Now imagine this: every woman in the protest group is thin. Every woman is young. Every woman is beautiful with regards to Western ideals. Few - if any - of these women are women of colour. The protest is staged, in order to sell ready-to-wear high-fashion garments. The photographers are paid to be there. The women are professional models. And the man who has arranged the whole thing is a raging misogynist.

    On the 30th of September, Karl Lagerfeld transformed his Chanel ready-to-wear fashion show into a faux street entitled Boulevard Chanel No.5. He sent some of the most popular Western models, led by Cara Delevingne, down the street carrying placards that appeared to encourage feminist activism. He even sent a lone male model down the catwalk at one point with a sign reading “HeForShe”, a not-so-subtle nod toward Emma Watson’s speech at the UN from the previous week.

    So what’s the problem?

    Feminism has become quite popular recently. Not with regards to actual activism and feminist conversation, but as a medium through which to sell. Clothes, makeup, deodorant, food, and shoes have all been subject to advertisements that appear to encourage women’s liberation whilst simultaneously oppressing women. The movement has become commercialised to the point where sparkly “feminist” and Venus sign necklaces are available in abundance on the internet. And this is no different. In fact, this is far worse.

    High fashion is an industry that is determinedly and inherently anti-feminist. High fashion is an industry that dictates what exactly women should look like each season. High fashion is an industry that encourages unhealthy weight obsessions, due to their aversion to using models any larger than a size 0 (size 4 or below in England). High fashion is an industry that frequently uses images of decapitated, deceased, and sexually assaulted women in their print editorials. High fashion is an industry that perpetuates racial stereotypes and refuses to represent women of colour on the same level as white women. High fashion is an industry that fetishizes and sexualises the idea of youth.

    Lagerfeld appears to have suddenly had a change of heart from the problematic opinions he’s voiced in the past. His comment of "I don’t see why every human being is not on the same level, especially in my business”, which was directed at reporters after his successful show, is a far cry from his comments of: “No one wants to see curvy women. You’ve got fat mothers with their bags of chips sitting in front of the television and saying thin models are ugly. Fashion is about dreams and illusion" from 2009, or his claim that Coco Chanel could not have been a feminist because “[she] was never ugly enough for that" in Harper’s Bazaar.

    His ‘feminist’ fashion show is nothing more than a cry for attention - and it seems to have worked. He has manipulated and taken advantage of the fact that feminism is currently trendy, and has used this fact to further increase the popularity of his brand.

    But what does this mean for modern feminism? There is a chance - a small chance - that this will be a positive thing. That it will encourage younger women to research and educate themselves on feminism. That it will persuade them that ‘feminism’ is not a scary word.

    Maybe - but probably not. Feminism and fashion are polar opposites of one another. One disseminates the concept of ideals, expectations, and the perfect image. The other is inclusive, non-discriminatory, and reminds women that they are not defined by their appearance. High fashion is the industry that dictates this season’s trends and style. With Lagerfeld focussing an entire show on the concept of feminism, it can only be assumed that other labels will follow suit. Feminism, a movement that is already commercialised to the point of appropriation, is going to be ‘in’ this season. But the version of feminism that is going to be ‘in’ is the type that Lagerfeld perpetuated in his show - young, skinny, beautiful, and white.

    Words by Sophie Elliott
    Photo source

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  4. If only my hair would look as good as this every day #hairfie #selfie

  5. Shine bright like a diamond

  6. Penang Stop Human Trafficking Campaign takes over Occupy Beach Street with music, dance, poetry and many more #penangstophumantrafficking #Penang (at Occupy Beach Street)

  7. A peak at HOME by KG Krishnan and Beatrice Leong #penangstophumantrafficking #slavefreepenang #exhibition #penang (at LUMA)

  8. YB Chong Eng challenging the people of #Penang to rise against trafficking and end slavery #penangstophumantrafficking #stop #slavery #migrant #luma #Georgetown (at LUMA)

  9. Beauty in minimalism. No does that better in theatre than @chrisling #theatre360 #AtHomeAtTheZoo #GTF (at LUMA)


  10. "People tend to be generous when sharing their nonsense, fear, and ignorance. And while they seem quite eager to feed you their negativity, please remember that sometimes the diet we need to be on is a spiritual and emotional one. Be cautious with what you feed your mind and soul. Fuel yourself with positivity and let that fuel propel you into positive action."
    — Steve Maraboli (via observando)
  11. Closing my grand GTF art exploration with Islands & Cities (at Sinkeh)

  12. harikondabolu:


    APU IS A WHITE GUY DOING AN IMPRESSION OF A WHITE GUY MAKING FUN OF MY FATHER.  According to the HuffPo article "Is It Time To Retire Apu?”, Hank Azaria saw my video about Mindy Kaling & South Asian representation from Totally Biased and that line affected him. (The internet is amazing!)

    "A video circulating online got to him, featuring Kondabolu…The actor credits the monologue with stirring his first misgivings. “If the only representation of Jews in our culture was Robin Williams’ impression of a Yiddish guy [from “The Birdcage,” starring both Williams and Azaria], I guess I might be upset with that too,” Azaria says.”

    This has opened up a nice dialogue. Much more than I ever expected and I appreciate the fact Hank Azaria was willing to talk about it. 


    I’m excited about “Every Simpsons Ever” on FXX…but still have some things to say about Apu. 

  13. References for my New Literatures in English assignment! #Malaysian #literatures #MalaysianLit #BerniceChauly


  14. blastortoise:

    okay but when you have holocaust survivors and people who were activists during the civil rights movement supporting mike brown and then KKK members and neo nazi’s supporting the officer you should be able to figure out which side is the right one.

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  15. Matt Brandon and I in our hipster glasses #tedxweldquay #humanrights #photographer #india